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The snow brush helps us better safe travel provides a great role in the winter

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The snow brush helps us better safe travel in winter provides a great role, is a sanitation snow brush brush, with its special purpose. The winter in the northern China often snow, snow brush is a necessary tool for road cleaning, using snowploughs rate is increasing, snow brush although our technology in the field has not made a decisive breakthrough particularly large, but in the whole process of the development of the industry, the future will continue to progress Many a little make a mickle. to high-end. The development of intelligent.

Choose the correct snowplow brush, according to the first processed material physical and chemical properties, such as surface roughness, hardness, selected brush wire materials appropriate working conditions; by the selected brush brush size and shape; the calculation speed according to technical parameters. In general, the larger the diameter of the circular brush, the better the effect. And in the same diameter, the shorter the brush wire, the stronger the grinding force, the longer the brush wire, the weaker the grinding force.

Snow brush with PP + wire spring steel wire or galvanized steel wire composite material, snow rolling brush wear resistance, pavement damage and snow effect is good, can in the ultra low temperature climate condition for a long time the snow will not break, good elasticity, effectively protect the city health environment and meet the demand of efficient municipal snow. Qianshan County Rui Ming brush manufacturing factory specializing in the production of various snow brush brush brush, sanitation, road sweeping. Welcome calls to negotiate purchase, according to customer drawings processing.

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