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The classification and general reference quality brush

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Brush classification:

Use the brush from the place to the classification of words can be divided into civil and industrial brush brush

1, civil brush: mainly used in daily life for cleaning purposes.

Civil brush are: kitchen brush, bath brush, shoe brush, toothbrush, brush pot, washing brush, clothes brush, bath brush, bottle brush, cleaning brush, glass tube brush, pet brush, massage brush, grill brush, bath brush, brush, stainless steel sanitary toilet brush, sponge brush, shoe brush, window clothes brush, roller brush, wall brush, paint brush, car brush, snow brush etc.

2, industrial brushes: mainly used in food processing, cleaning machinery, glass ceramics, textile printing and dyeing industry, metal processing, polishing, cleaning, dust, rust etc..

The main application range of industrial brushes on the four aspects: dust, cleaning, polishing, grinding

General reference quality brush

1. The diameter of the brush body and the diameter of the hole

2, the tensile strength of abrasive wire

3, brush roller brush wire density

4, normal service life

5, abrasive and roughness

6, whether the brush off hair

7, water absorption roller surface finish, flexibility and water absorption

8, brush, brush body materials used

Note: the same type of brush or brush roller, the use of different specifications of products are generally different, such as some deburring, polishing and cleaning some copper foil, others can be used for solder polishing.

Use matters needing attention

1, the general water spraying work, the temperature tolerance is not greater than 60 degrees Celsius

2, brush installed according to the wire brush slightly oblique clockwise operation

3, abrasive particle size, brush pressure, conveying speed, etc.

4, brush roller to be installed firmly

5, water absorption roller should not need to conserve water, do not press, so as to avoid deformation

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