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Industrial brushes indispensable in modern industrial production.

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Industrial brushes indispensable in modern industrial production, is the supporting device must be some mechanical equipment, to play a supporting role is to promote the development of industrial production. This paper briefly talk about industrial brushes used in metal surface treatment, generally have the following situations: first, rough metal surface processing, such as grinding, galling, rust, dust and so on; two, the metal surface cleaning, such as cleaning parts, decontamination, oil removal, etc.; the three is used for metal surface finishing the whole processing, grinding, polishing to burr.

Combined with the role of the industrial brush, it is required that the material selection of the brush must be reasonable. The industrial brush correctly, we must study the physical properties of the processed material, such as material surface roughness, hardness to determine the selection of wire brush material; secondly according to the working conditions, the selected brush shape; the last is to determine the process parameters according to the specifications and brush speed. In general, the larger the diameter of the circular brush, the better the effect. And in the same diameter, the shorter the brush wire, the stronger the grinding force, the longer the brush wire, the weaker the grinding force.

If the use of industrial brush did not achieve the desired results, will be under different circumstances, to take some measures.

The first case is the brush effect is weak, can consider using large diameter brush or increase the speed to improve the speed, but also can reduce the wire length, in addition, use wire brush coarse wire diameter can also be a try.

The second case is a brush too strong, in this case, you can use a small diameter of the brush or reduce speed to reduce the speed of the line, or increase the length of the brush, but also can be replaced with a fine wire brush.

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