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Anhui Zhenda brush industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is located in the Anhui provincial source of Lake Development Zone, covers an area of 15000 square meters, construction area of over 2 square meters, more than 5000 yuan in fixed assets, China brush Industry Association vice chairman of the unit, industrial brush, civil brush the largest scale enterprises, the provincial high-tech enterprises. With staff and technical staff of more than 100 people, through the ISO9001_2008 quality management, ISO14001_2004 environmental management, GB/T28001_2011 occupational health system certification.
Technology innovation has been driving the development of the perfect brush, years of technology accumulation cultivation technology team Zhenda Brushmaking, has thirty patents, is the best proof of strength, the strength of the perfect. Airport snow sweeping brush the company development, injection molding, melt type snow brush, domestic leading technology, iron and steel, copper, wind power, carpentry, sanitation and a series of industry brush technology has been perfect.

Zhenda company is a pioneering company in China brush industry base as a link, to strengthen market integration of resources, the production of products throughout the country in all regions and areas, and the success and a number of foreign companies, exported to many countries. Successfully build a complete system of development, manufacturing, sales, and service network.
Someone said: enterprise for profit exists, so to say, corporate profits beyond perfect and there is a high level! We will to become a member of the glory and pride and perfect! We will show the common value of good, beauty, love and pride!

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